Bridging – Inclusive Employment and Active Citizenship

Our aim is social inclusion and that wellbeig would increase among the people with intellectual disabilities. With our actions, they get more self confidence and courage to use their own legal rights. They have more opportunities to live and work as equal members of the society. Special support services and employment services get a new tool to find out individual’s work capacity, which will increase the employment opportunities of the people with intellectual disabilities.

The employees working with people with intellectual disabilities get new methods to support their clients making their own decisions. They help their clients to find their own strengths and assets, and also how to use and benefit them.

In he society, at the national and transnational level, we keep up conversation of equal rights. We hope that people with intellectual disabilities get more visible and not so abnormal anymore.


  1. To strengthen participation and social inclusion of disabled people
  • recognise the obstacles in participation both in individual’s life and wider in society
  • strengthen the social participation
  • strengthen the membership of society as equal citizens
  • discover and develop these patterns in transnational co-operation
  • link the center of special support and employment services to the project
  1. Atmosphere of attitudes and awareness

2.1 Individual’s awareness and personal growing

2.2 Employees working with people with disabilities getting new methods

2.3 Society

  • recognise attitudes
  • assist in awareness of one’s own rights
  • assist to find individual’s own assets
  • discover and develop models for strengthening in transnational co-operative actions


  1. Citizenship, equality and participation

1.1 The Abilitator as a tool to recognize participation and welfare

  • To measure individual’s own welfare and needs.
  • Find actions to improve individual’s quality of life.
  • To test the Abilitator as measuring tool with target group in transnational co- operation – The center for special support and employment services start using the Abilitator
  • Partner, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, FIOH has developed a tool, the Abilitator, for measuring individual’s wellbeing, work ability and health. We have an option to develop this tool for our transnational project with disabled people.

1.2 Comparison of social security and services

  • benchmarking with our transnational partners (for example self-determination)
  • For example living, employment and hobbies, how are these arranged transnationally?

1.3 Increase the knowledge of the emloyers working with people with intellectual disabilities

  • Education to use the Abilitator, manual etc.
  1. Atmospere of attitudes and awareness

2.1 Individual

  • Increasing awareness of one’s own life and rights with the Abilitator
  • Assist to produce media for example video blogs, photos, videos, music

2.2 Employee

  • Learns to use The Abilitator as a tool to recognize individual’s needs
  • Finds the strenghts ans assets of individual with the Abilitator
  • Finds the way for self-expression
  • Gives possibilities for intependent self-expression.

2.3 Society

  • Increasing awareness by being visible in media
  • Producing content like video blog and videos in own YouTube Channel
  • Keep up the national and transnational conversation